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  • Grafix Rubber Cement Pick-Up 50x50mm

    Designed for erasing excess cement and cleaning up areas around glued surfaces, especially on finished paste-ups. Also perfect to remove watercolour masking fluid. This rubber cement pick-up measures...

  • Molotow Grafx Masking Fluid Marker 2mm

    Molotow Grafx Masking Fluid Marker is the ideal tool for the creative artist! Apply to any surface let dry and create over it! The water-repellent liquid can be used with paints, markers and...

  • Original Incredible Nib

    The Original Incredible Nib has an acrylic fibre point that stay firm when wet. Use to easily apply liquid frisket and water-based mediums. Use like a brush to lift out, soften edges and blend. Nibs...

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  • Shrink Film 280x210mm 6/Pkg - Clear

    Bake your art and watch it shrink! Incredible plastic that when baked shrinks to 20% its original size. Creates strong plastic pieces to use in all your art and craft projects. Trace, colour, stamp,...