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Clay Tools

  • Aluminium Clay Mini Ribbon Tool Set of 6

    Aluminium Clay Mini Ribbon Tools are perfect for sculpting, modeling, trimming and detail work. Ideal for working with any modeling medium. Features aluminum handles with knurled grips for easy handling. Tools measure about 6~10mm wide,...

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  • Acrylic Perspex Plate 100x100x3mm

    Acrylic Perspex (Plexiglas) plate are perfect to use as a base for mono printing, pouring acrylic skins, mounting rubber stamps, paint palette and more.  Perfect for use with clear and cling rubber stamps.  This plate measures 100x100x3mm...

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  • Acrylic Rods 3-15mm 8 Pieces

    Acrylic Rods measuring about 150mm in length in 8 sizes - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm & 15mm.  Perfect for mandala rock painting and dot art. Use for shaping polymer clay canes.  Smooth, lightweight, and easy to clean.

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  • Dotting Tool Set Double-Sided 5 pcs

    Dotting or Ball Stylus Tool Set is perfect to achieve a raised or relief effect on any your surface. All these tools are designed for embossing and includes the smaller tips that is perfect for intricate designs and the larger balls for texturing. This...

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  • Clay Tool Set Plastic 4Pcs

    Plastic Clay tool are used to create quality details in clay, plaster, pottery, silly putty and more. These tools will add definition to both large and tiny detailed areas of projects. This package contains clay/modelling tools: 4 total pieces. Each...

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  • Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine

    Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine will help make the creating process easier, whether you’re creating a simple project or a complicated masterpiece.  Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets or various thickness to...

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  • Silicone Tip Sculpting Tool Set 5/pkg

    Silicone Tip Sculpting Tool Set 5/pkg

    Silicone Tip Sculpting Tools are ideal for removing finger prints, sculpting, smoothing out, scoring, shaping, modeling or creating a pattern on polymer clay.  This package includes five 187x5mm silicone tipped tools. 

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  • Mont Marte Clay Tool Set Double-Ended 11/pkg

    Mont Marte Clay Tool Set contains a fantastic variety of tools suitable for use with clay. They may be used while the clay is still moist or on green ware (unfired air dried clay) to carve, cut and clean. This clay tool set may also be used with polymer...