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  • Artist Wood Manikin Hand RIGHT

    This artist manikin hand is bendable and movable and can be manipulated to simulate natural positions.  Beautifully designed, perfectly proportioned and finely turned hardwood.  12 inch (30cm) tall hand manikin. Varnished wood.

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  • Charcoal Holder 7mm

    This charcoal holder is specially designed to help keep fingers clean. Instructions: slide the small metal ring to the handle, fit the charcoal stick before sliding the ring back to tighten and fix your charcoal in place. Measures 175mm.

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  • Daler-Rowney Simply Eraser Set 3/pkg

    Daler-Rowney Simply 3-Eraser allows you to work with a wide range of drawing and sketching tools. Set includes: Kneadable eraser for graphite pencil work, Gum eraser for removing marks from large areas, Plastic/vinyl eraser for erasing light marks or...

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  • Derwent Battery Eraser

    Not just for rubbing out! The Battery Eraser is ideal for creating unusual effects and for experimenting with different drawing techniques. It can of course be used to rub out unwanted marks too! When the eraser is switched on, the spinning action of the...

  • Derwent Burnisher & Blender Set 6/Pkg

    Derwent Burnisher and Blender Set provides you with the tools needed to make colours shine in your artwork. This set includes: 2 Burnisher pencils – used over colour to create a burnish or shine without changing the colour of your artwork. Lay...

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  • Derwent Drawing Kit 5/Pkg

    Derwent Drawing Kit is designed for use with dry media.  This kit is ideal for helping create intricate and detailed effects as well as graceful lines and curves. The contents consist of 5 essential drawing accessories: 1 Embossing tool -...

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  • Derwent Paper Stumps 3/pkg

    Derwent Paper Stumps make the difficult job of blending dusty media such as charcoal and pastel much easier and cleaner. Once the stumps get dirty and the points wear down they can be easily cleaned and re-pointed using a sandpaper block. The paper...

  • Derwent Pencil Extenders Set 2/pkg

    Derwent pencils extenders are ideal for extending the life of pencils and allowing artists to waste less material. The silver extender fits larger pencils up to 9mm in diameter, and the black extender fits standard size pencils up to 7mm in diameter...

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  • Derwent Plastic Eraser

    The plastic eraser cleanly removes areas of graphite or unwanted marks.  The well-defined corners and edges give total control and can be re-cut with a sharp knife, if required. To achieve a crisp line, simply lay a straight edge piece of paper...

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  • Derwent Shave ‘n’ Save

    This ingenious little tool is designed for use with the Artbar range.  It is designed to sharpen and shape the Artbar to suit your requirements.  The container collects all the shavings so that you can save it for later use, sprinkling it over...

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