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  • Polymer Clay Projects - Fransie Snyman

    A practical guide with colourful designs for jewellery, gifts, decorative boxes, buttons, faux finishes and more!  Polymer clay is a popular medium suitable for and loved by crafters of all ages and skill levels. It is available in every imaginable...

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  • Prints Galore - Angie Franke

    A wide variety of printing techniques and practical, beautiful projects that don’t require a press or any expertise. In addition to stamping and stencilling, various relief methods of printmaking, including lino, texture plate and collagraph, the...

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  • Smart Art - Angie Franke & Monique Day-Wilde

    An eclectic mix of display-art projects produced from a range of rejected and found materials, combined with art media.  Working in the box and out of the box, (and on the box!), the popular authors of several bestselling craft books included...

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  • Water-(Verf)-Kuns - Monique Day-Wilde

    Die projekte toon hoe verskeie watermediums op bekende dog onkonvensionele maniere gebruik kan word. Hierdie boek neem jou verby die tradisionele voorkoms van ligte, sagte en bykans deurskynende waterverfwerk. Leer hoe om ryk, lewendige beelde te skep...

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  • Watercolour Flowers - Janet Whittle

    This book will appeal to everyone wishing to improve their flower watercolour painting skills.  Janet Whittle’s paintings are characterised by their vibrant colours and imaginative compositions here in this glorious book in which she explains...

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  • Winged daydreams – Monique Day-Wilde

    The Hand drawn designs in this colouring in book have all been inspired by winged creatures – from birds and butterflies to beautiful bugs and dragon flies, all dreamlike and whimsical. Combining the basic elements with other motifs into intricate...

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