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  • Americana Decor Crème Wax 118ml - Clear

    Use Americana Decor Crème Wax over Chalky Finish to seal and protect your finished piece! Also, use on raw or painted wood pieces. Water-based, Low-odour, fast drying and dries clear. Add chalk paint to create custom coloured crème waxes...

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  • Dorland's Wax Medium 118ml

    Dorland's Wax Medium by Jacquard Products can be mixed with oil paints, powdered pigments, coloured sands and dyes. This translucent, colourless and permanent medium has the plasticity of tube oil colours. Often used as a finish for mixed media projects...

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  • Giotto Decor Wax Blocks 12/pkg

    Giotto Decor Multi-Service Rectangular Wax Blocks are used on paper, card, cardboard, wood, metal, glass and textiles (leather, linen, cotton). Perfect to draw on glass, scraping techniques, Ironing techniques, Liquid Painting & Batik.  This...

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