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  • Alloy Bead Cores Platinum 9x5mm

    Alloy Bead Cores Platinum 9x5mm

    Bead Cores are perfect to create your own customized large hole beads with polymer or epoxy clay, collage artwork, and other components. Use on thicker stringing materials like suede, ribbon and Pandora Style bracelets. This package includes 100 Platinum...

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  • Alumisol Soft Plastic 900ml

    Alumisol Soft Plastic enables you to pour extremely soft rubber parts with its quick and easy to use phthalate-free system.  Perfect for lure makers, special effects artists, rapid prototyping, and medical reproductions such as skin, fat, and muscle...

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  • Christi Friesen Embellish-bits - Fantastical Fantasy

    Add some interesting and useful things to your polymer clay creations with these Christi Friesen Embellish Bits Fantastical Fantasy! Christi has compiled specialty items that are unique, harder to find or just “darn nifty”. This...

  • DAS Moulding Plaster 1kg

    DAS Moulding Plaster is ideal for creating imprints or three-dimensional shapes using plastic moulds.  It can be used to make objects such as seashells, jewels, small figures, etc.  which can then be decorated with Giotto Decor Paints or...

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  • DAS Plaster Strips 8cmx3m 4/pkg

    DAS Plaster Strips 8cmx3m 4/pkg

    DAS Plaster-soaked cotton strips for easily creating puppets, masks, jewellery boxes, party decorations etc. out of reused objects.  The finished items can then be decorated with Acrylic Paints and multisurface fibre tip pens.

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  • Lisa Pavelka Poly Bonder 5g

    Lisa Pavelka Poly Bonder is a high temperature craft adhesive that is designed to work perfectly with polymer clay craft projects. Poly Bonder Product Features: Instant-bond craft adhesive designed for high temperature use. Safe to bake with Polymer...

  • Sandpaper 2000 Grit Wet/Dry Waterproof Sheet 1/pkg

    Sandpaper 2000 Grit Wet/Dry Waterproof Sheet 1/pkg

    This 2000 Grit Sandpaper is ideal for both wet and dry sanding. The soft backing paper ensures a good fit to your hand. Sands smoothly with only moderate effort, with high resistance to slippage during use. The high-quality materials and high...