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Watercolour Mediums

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    Qor Cold Press Ground 237ml

    QoR Cold Press Ground creates an absorbent, cool white surface that gives the appearance of rough, cold-pressed handmade paper. Perfect for achieving a rough texture that can be desired with dry brush techniques. A smoother finish may be achieved by...

    MSRP: R310.00
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    Qor Lift Aid Tm Medium 118ml

    QoR Lift Aid is a fluid medium for water colour surfaces to improve the lifting of watercolours. Lift Aid can be applied to paper before painting or between washes. 118 ml/4 oz glass bottle with twist off top. 

    MSRP: R242.00
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    Qor Light Dimensional Ground 237ml

    QoR Light Dimensional Ground leaves an extremely absorbent surface that allows washes to spread quickly, yet still holds for fine lines and details. This white, lightweight paste spreads like frosting and may be applied smoothly and thinly, or built up...

    MSRP: R249.00
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    Now: R215.00
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    Qor Synthetic Ox Gall Medium 59ml

    QoR Synthetic Ox Gall medium is a wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolours. Just 2-5 drops per 236ml of water can aid in blending, applying uniform washes, and improves wetting on hard sized papers. 59ml(2 oz) glass bottle with a dropper top...

    MSRP: R219.00
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