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Dips Pens

  • Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit 6/pkg

    Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit is ideal for drawing, calligraphy, stamping, washes, airbrushing, scrapbooking and craft projects.   The rich vivid colours are free-flowing and easy to use. All colours are inter-mixable, water-resistant,...

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  • Speedball No. 5 Artists Pen Set 11/pkg

    Speedball No. 5 Artists Pen Set 11/pkg

    Speedball No.5 Artists Calligraphy pen and nib set is perfect for Lettering, Calligraphy, Poster Making, Cartooning, Sketching, and Mapping. This package includes two pen holders and nine pen nibs: C0, C2, C4, B1, B3, B5, 102, 56, & 513EF. 

  • Manuscript Leonardt Italic Dip Pen Set 7/pkg

    Manuscript dip pens allow you to create beautiful writing and decorative designs, working in a wide range of media in addition to bottled ink.  This set includes: Italic Nibs F, M, B, 2B & 3B (Polished finish) Wooden Pen Holder Leonardt Nib...

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  • Speedball Sketching Set 9 Pcs #2964

    This Speedball Sketching Set is designed for Drawing, Cross-hatching, Lithography, and Fine Details. This set contains an instruction booklet, two black plastic pen holders and nibs: 99, 56, 102, 107, 108 and 512. 

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