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Fabric Medium

  • Zelcraft Fabric Podge 120ml

    Zelcraft Fabric Podge is the ultimate, water resistant adhesive and sealant. Used to adhere fragile paper (like tissue paper, mulberry paper and serviettes) to natural cloth such as cotton. Clean tools & spillage with warm water and soap.

  • Crisitex Fabric Sealer 250ml

    Crisitex Fabric Sealer is used to seal and protect your Crisitex Fabric artwork. Allow fabric artwork to dry before applying Crisitex Fabric Sealer. Heat set when dry.

  • Crisitex Fabric Binder 250ml

    Crisitex Fabric Binder is used to obtain extra colour fastnesss and improve scrub resistance on fabrics (upholstery, etc.) Mix Crisitex Fabric Binder (1:10) with Crisitex Fabric Paint. Heat set when dry. Clean with warm water & soap before it dries.