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  • Zellen Brush Cleaner - 500ml

    Zellen Brush Cleaner is an environmentally friendly non-solvent water-based brush cleaner. It is suitable for both oil and acrylic paint. This package includes one 500ml bottle of brush cleaner.

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  • Daler-Rowney Low Odour Thinners 175ml

    A low-odour alternative to turpentine, ideal when working in a confined space or for those artists who find turpentine too strong. Use to dilute oil or alkyd colours either for underpainting or to obtain thin washes. Also used to clean palettes and...

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  • Krylon Dulling Spray 311g

    Krylon Dulling Spray temporarily reduces shine and glare when photographing or filming bright objects. For use on items to be photographed and videotaped. Reduces shine. Semi-drying finish wipes off easily. Leaves no marks. DRY TO TOUCH: 15 minutes DRY...

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  • The Master's Brush Cleaner & Preserver 28g

    The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver is formulated for use with Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolours. Will even remove dried on paints and paint stains! Clean fresh scent. The world's finest total care product for brushes that cleans and conditions...

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  • Ghiant Transfer Spray 400ml

    Ghiant Transfer Spray offers an easy and quick way to trace the contours of your photographs, posters and prints on all smooth surfaces, such as paper, canvas, painted walls, wood, glass, ceramics, metal and textiles. Unlike standard carbon paper you are...

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  • Deco Foil Transfer Gel 118ml

    Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Gel are the perfect addition to your next paper crafting project. Apply Transfer Gel through a stencil with a palette knife and let dry unit completely clear.  Apply Deco Foil Transfer Sheet, run through a hot...

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  • Speedball Metal Leaf Sealer 59ml

    Speedball Metal Leaf was specifically formulated to protect metal leaf from tarnishing. Can be used for many other craft and home decor projects. Dries clear in 15-30 minutes.  Clean up with soap and water.  This bottle contains 59ml of sealer...

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  • Tim Holtz Distress Grit-Paste 113ml

    Tim Holtz Distress Grit-Paste is a dimensional medium designed to provide a textured effect on a variety of craft and mixed-media surfaces. Apply with a palette knife or paintbrush directly on porous or non-porous surfaces for unique effects. Dries to a...

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  • DecoArt Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating 59ml

    DecoArt Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating will transform everyday surfaces into a chalkboard. Easy, brush-on varnish converts a wide range of surfaces such as walls, cabinets, doors, terra-cotta, metal and most porous surfaces into chalkboards. Clear...

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  • Daler Rowney Gum Arabic 75ml

    Daler Rowney Gum Arabic is used to increase the gloss and transparency of watercolours.  Add to watercolour in small amounts until the desired level of transparency is achieved.  May be thinned with water. 

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