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Pan Pastel Colours are genuine artists' quality pastels manufactured in a pan instead of a stick.

The pan format lets colours function like a dry velvety paint. The artist can now mix and blend pastel colours together and has the ability to apply semi-transparent layers of colour; whereas by nature pastel sticks are opaque. Artists love the way the colours “flow” and the fact that the colours are very forgiving, as they can be easily erased.

PanPastels have a rich; ultra-soft and low dust formulation and are easy to organize and store, reducing breakage and cross-contamination between colours.

The PanPastel colours are ready for use straight from the pan, no solvents, no mediums, no liquids or anything else are needed to start painting, which also means there is no drying time.


Using the Sofft Tools enables the artist to control and apply the colour in a painterly way and also means that a lot less dust is generated.