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Watercolour Mediums & Grounds

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    QoR Watercolor Medium 59 ml

    QoR Watercolor Medium is a general-purpose medium used to increase the transparency and flow of watercolours.  When Watercolour Medium is used in larger amounts it also increases the gloss and saturation of colours.

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    Qor Synthetic Ox Gall Medium 59ml

    QoR Synthetic Ox Gall medium is a wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolours. Just 2-5 drops per 236ml of water can aid in blending, applying uniform washes, and improves wetting on hard sized papers. 59ml(2 oz) glass bottle with a dropper top...

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  • Daler Rowney Gum Arabic 75ml

    Daler Rowney Gum Arabic is used to increase the gloss and transparency of watercolours.  Add to watercolour in small amounts until the desired level of transparency is achieved.  May be thinned with water. 

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  • Molotow Grafx Masking Fluid Marker 4mm

    Molotow Grafx Masking Fluid Marker is the ideal tool for the creative artist! Apply to any surface let dry and create over it! The water-repellent liquid can be used with paints, markers and airbrushes. This package contains one 140mm long refillable...

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  • Daler-Rowney Art Masking Fluid 75ml

    Used to create striking white highlights or areas for overpainting at a later stage. Forms a fast-drying, water-resistant film on watercolour paper and board, easily removed when dry by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue or cotton bud. An old brush, pen...

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  • Fineline Masking Fluid Pen 20 Gauge 37.5ml

    This Fineline applicator bottle features a stainless steel dispensing tip for precise application of masking fluid and the unique Cap/Wire system is non-clogging and air-tight! This package contains one 1.25oz (37.5 ml) bottle of masking fluid with a 20...

  • Dorland's Wax Medium 118ml

    Dorland's Wax Medium by Jacquard Products can be mixed with oil paints, powdered pigments, coloured sands and dyes. This translucent, colourless and permanent medium has the plasticity of tube oil colours. Often used as a finish for mixed media projects...

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